A day out in Durham

If you're heading Northeast, possibly you're on your way to Geordie town Newcastle, you can't skip heading into Durham for the day to immerse yourself in history and a bloody decent cup of coffee.

Start your morning off by heading to the Flat White Kitchen in the city centre. The rustic, washed white timber frame and green plants frame the doorway into the beautiful renovated 17th century townhouse. Head on in and grab yourself a table by the window overlooking the river Wear.

Their menu is to die for with a huge variety to choose from. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a delicious asian noodle salad whilst my friends tried the Korean fried chicken and the ricotta pancakes. I have to say that I tried all those three options and they were delicious!

Obviously being called Flat White Kitchen I had to get my hands on one and it was lovely. They of course do the standard double shot and it was the perfect size, roughly 8 ounces (usually they are 6 ounce however the beans they used were quite strong so a bit more milk worked well). We also tried the chai latte which was served in the biggest mug, perfect for the cold weather as it's definitely a winter warmer!

Once you've finished indulging in a delicious brunch, head on up to the famous Cathedral. The Cathedral is more than 1000 years old and was a filming location for two of the Harry Potter films! I'm a mad Harry Potter fan so I was in my element.

After gazing around the historical Cathedral make your way down into town and head to the pubs. One of the best is the Swan and Three Cygnets. If you're coming from London you will be shook at how cheap a pint of beer is! Most of the pubs in Durham are a strictly no phones or electronics (which I think is definitely a step in the right direction) and so make sure you don't get caught typing away to a text as you may get a little telling off from the bar staff. Durham is known for it's amazing university and so there a loads of students roaming around who love a good day drinking sesh so if you're by yourself I'm sure you'll be able to spark up a conversation with some of the locals.

For your arvo lunch head across the bridge to the best fish and chip shop in the UK, Bells Fish and Chips. They definitely don't sell you short, you'll get yourself a huge fish that is battered with the perfect mixture and the chips are to die for.

Durham is definitely a city I'd recommend to go visit and gives you a taste of the country lifestyle (and country prices) to escape the smogged down city.

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