Danish delight

I was recommended this coffee shop by a friend of mine and boy did it not disappoint. Located in the most beautiful backstreet off Gloucester Road, I would classify it as a hidden gem. Hjem Kensington is a must visit cafe for a taste of deluxe Danish coffee and food.

The smell of freshly cooked pastries greets your senses as you walk in! The staff are all lovely Danish girls (when I was there) who welcomed me straight away. I ordered myself a flat white and the granola with berry compote and it was really nice. The coffee shop itself almost has three different sections. There's the front area which was busy with people like me, there for the peace and quiet, either on their laptops, reading or quietly talking to their friend. Down the hallway was another area that had a group sitting and enjoying their breakky. Outside there was a little open terrace area which was a lush green and I can imagine being a hit in summer.

I couldn't help myself and ordered a cinnamon roll which they get fresh every morning from the Bread Station (a Danish bakery in London Fields) and a pot of tea as I sat their for two hours enjoying the space I was in and the delicious pastry I was eating! Next time I go I will definitely be ordering some of their food off the menu too as it looked lovely.

I highly recommend this coffee shop, definitely a perfect brunch date location or a place to just straight up chill out.

The Danish do it well.

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