The classy side of town

If you're from London you'll know that Chelsea and Sloane Square are known as the more prestigious, upper class parts of town as the wealthiest people seemed to have migrated here for years. It has some of the nicest shops and restaurants scattered around along with great coffee.

Start your day by catching the train to Sloane Square and making your way to Pavilion Road where you will find a beautiful back street with restaurants and clothing stores that is so aesthetic you'll have to take a gram of course. Further down you'll find the coffee shop called the Roasting Party. You'll walk in and think jeez this place is small but don't worry, there's a massive upstairs area where you can park yourself down to enjoy your coffee and cake (did I say they have cakes downstairs!). The coffee here is delicious and they actually roast their own beans so it's even more authentic. I tried the carrot cake this time and it was so moist I definitely recommend. I'm a sucker for banana bread and carrot cake!

Once you've enjoyed your little pick me up head down King's Road to do a bit of... you guessed it... SHOPPING! There are loads of amazing shops including Anthropologie, Zara, Peter Jones, Lulu lemon and more. If you come on a Saturday they also have food markets in Duke of York Square (right near the Zara) where you can indulge in foods from a range of ethnicities - homemade Italian pizza, Brazilian desserts, English oysters the whole lot!

Keep heading down Kings Road to St Luke's Garden where you can either sit on the grass or the wooden benches and enjoy the peace and quiet. Be sure to avoid going at lunch time mid week as it gets filled with people who work in the area eating their lunches/kids running around.

Cross the road where you'll find the hidden gem Phat Phuc. It is probably one of the best Vietnamese restaurants I've ever been to in my life. It hides behind a florist and is a little outdoor/under cover restaurant where you can sit and eat some of their amazing dishes such as the Bang Bang Chicken salad, duck pancakes, dumplings, laksa you name it they've got it. The staff members are all lovely and the food comes so quickly you won't be waiting there long at all. I think I've been there a total of 23 times since I've lived in London (mainly because I used to work on Kings Rd but that's not the point). It is a MUST!!!

For your final coffee stop, head to Hagen which is opposite Phat Phuc and back up Kings Rd a little bit. It's a gorgeous cafe hidden as you walk through a tiny aqua door way. The cafe itself is very small however perfect if you're by yourself as you can park yourself up on the bar and watch the behind the scenes of how they make your coffee. You can have a chat to the staff members there all day long they all have great stories to tell and will put a smile on your face.

Kings Road is definitely a place where you can either make a day out of the trip there or go for an hour or so, it's super convenient as there's heaps of transport options - tube, buses, taxis all day long. The nightlife in Chelsea is always raging too - Chelsea Lodge and Embargos are great clubs to hit.

A day to add to your bucket list in London!

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